The first 300 people to enter have a chance to win a FREE website with your own .com to showcase your photography service. Free hosting for the first 6 months included!

Promotion in association with Ottawa web design firm.

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If you want to enter the contest fill the form below.

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In order to be eligible for the contest, you must create a FREE account with PastePic by clicking on the button in the top right corner of your screen.
Upload a minimum of 35 photos from your photography collection into the appropriate categories.
Once you have done that, you are all set. Copy your profile URL (click on user menu in the top right corner and click on "My Profile") and paste it in this form. All images must be owned by the individual submitting the form.
All profiles will be reviewed to confirm that 35 owned images have been uploaded.
Winner will be selected once we have reached 300 entries. Winner will be randomly selected. has the right to remove any entry based on it's discretion. will deliver a completed free website to the winner, one year free registration for the '.com' ($14.99/yr to renew for second year), free hosting for the first 6 months ($6.99/m once the 6 month period has been reached)

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